Product/Solution QA Certification

Product/Solution QA Certification

With the increase in complexity of software development and consumer demand, development teams are under tremendous pressure to deliver new software products, applications and updates at a swift pace. Nevertheless the role of QA has become even more significant to achieve impeccable quality rapidly.

QA Main

Over the years, Superitmart has evolved as one of the top QA Services provider for businesses looking to certify their products or solutions quickly to achieve faster time to market. Here we are with automated QA templates created using reusable Open Source components and with very little customization, we can help to certify your product or any part of your solution stack in no time.

Unlike manual software testing, our experienced QA Engineers while taking advantage of industry leading QA automation tools, technologies and frameworks such as Cypress, Selenium etc., empowers businesses to speed up workflows and maximize the team and process efficiency by ensuring precision through speedy, seamless, automated test suites. It is possible to even simulate several virtual users interacting with the application with a well-planned automation test suite.


With extensive expertise in QA and Software Development life cycle and in-depth domain knowledge across various industries, our customizable QA automation solutions and services are tailor-made to suit your specific business needs and project requirements. It proves to be very useful during CI/CD where software is developed, tested, and deployed multiple times per day, rather than in stages. It also enables frequent testing which makes it easy to spot problems on the move.

How Automated QA can benefit your company?


  1. Faster feedback cycle
  2. Improved reliability and accuracy
  3. Eliminates the chances of human-prone errors
  4. Increases test coverage
  5. Ideal for large-scale software testing
  6. Saves time in regression testing
  7. Reusable test scripts
  8. Determines the stability of your build
  9. Faster time to market
  10. Reduced business expenses
  11. Standardized and more structured processes

It also helps in the validation of various phases of the software project and improves the overall efficiency of the project and teams while adding great value for repeated execution testing and successive development cycles.

Why should you choose Superitmart as your QA Partner?

  • Expert Teams with in-depth experience in developing Automation Testing Framework & Tools for diverse products & solutions based on different programming languages/systems .
  • Hands on experience in the industry leading Automation Testing Tools such as Selenium, Cypress, Protractor, Jasmine, Karma etc.,
  • Renowned for Performance certification of the world’s leading enterprise-class, type-1 hypervisor Kernel including Core components such as Core, Storage and Network from release to release.
  • Developed in-house, an Automation Product and Solution Certification Tool for a leading Open Source Healthcare Application.

On the whole, our customizable automation testing templates for Product/Solution QA certification helps companies to save time and money by accelerating the QA process and delivers very high levels of accuracy. Our Automation Testing Templates and Frameworks not only add greats value to the overall SDLC but enables QA teams to focus more on expanding the test coverage and perform advanced levels of testing to consistently deliver high quality products/solutions enabling superior business outcomes.


Virtualization drives and enables data center consolidation, and improves efficiency and availability of IT resources to respond to market dynamics faster and better. This ensures competitive advantage for the mission-critical businesses. While virtualization can give your business an edge and improve overall performance, implementing it can be challenging. This is why we are in the business, to help you in the successful implementation by mitigating associated risks and delivering project on time without cost overruns.

What we offer

We offer the following Virtualization services:

  • Server Virtualization
    • Extensive experience and expertise in implementing virtualized environment using VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and HP Integrity VM
    • Hands-on experience in Open Source Virtualization tools such as Xen, OpenVZ, QEMU, KVM and VirtualBox
    • In-depth technical and implementation skills in virtualization functionalities such as VMware vMotion, Oracle Secure Live Migration, HP Online VM Migration and VM with Serviceguard
  • Network/Storage Virtualization
    • Implementation experience in HP Virtual Connect (VC) Technology and HP VC Flex-10 modules for blade servers (LAN & SAN). Technology expertise in VLAN, HP APA and VMware Virtual Switch
    • Storage provisioning expertise using HP EVA 4000, HP EVA 6000, HP MSA1000, NAS, SAN switches such as Brocade and QLogic, and applications like HP Command View EVA and SSSU
  • Data Center Management and Monitoring
    • Expertise in Integrated Management systems for virtualized environment such as VMware vCenter Server, HP Insight Control Suite and OpenStack
  • Software packages deployed for HA
    • Clustering options from Red Hat, Novell/SUSE
    • Oracle RAC

24x7 Support

We believe it is critical to provide 24x7 support for mission-critical data centers to ensure service availability and business continuity. We provide end-to-end 24x7 Data Center Monitoring & Management, Service Availability, Performance and Capacity Monitoring & Management services.

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