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Socomec NeTYS RT 1700 Rack 2U UPS Tower - 012.011.1700

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The NETYS RT 1700 Rack 2U UPS Tower is the complete solution for IT infrastructures. It is the solution for switching, storage, servers and networking devices, VoIP communication systems, structured cabling systems, control systems and Video surveillance systems FEATURES Simple to install • IEC input and output connections (1100‑3000 VA) or terminal input and output connections with built-in magnetothermal input switch (5000-11000 VA).• Compact footprint for installation in rack cabinets.• Attractive design. Easy to use • No configuration necessary on first startup.• Wide range of communication protocols for integration into LAN networks or Building Management Systems (BMS).• Clear LED interface with buzzers that immediately indicate the operating status of the UPS, even for less specialist users (1100‑3000 VA).• LCD display with menu available in 6 languages (5000-11000 VA). Meets practical needs • Online double conversion technology with sinusoidal waveform, completely filters out all disturbances from / to the mains powersupply and ensures maximum protection of the utility.• Modular battery extension (EBM) to meet all back-up time requirements, even after installation.• Possibility of 1+1 parallel redundant configuration to maximise the availability of critical utilities, even in the event of a module breakdown (5000‑11000 VA).     SPECIFICATIONS Online Double Conversion 1700VA  Universal tower + 2U rack inc rail kit, USB & RS232 comm's port & cable Optional SNMP card available 6 x 10A IEC outlets, includes 3 pin Aust input cord + 1 x Aust output conversion cord & 1 x IEC cord Standard electrical features • Built-in backfeed protection.• Protection against atmospheric phenomena (NTP) for telephone / ADSL modems.• RJ11 connection for Emergency Power Off (EPO).• Connection for battery extension modules.• Port for parallel operation (5000-11000 VA). Electrical options • 1+1 parallel module (5000-11000 VA).• Manual bypass without interruption (5000-11000 VA).• Battery extension modules. Standard communication features • LOCAL VIEW: ideal UPS monitoring and shutdown point-to-point solution for Windows® operating system.• UNI VISION: software for the control and automatic shutdown of applications connected to Linux.• UNI VISION PRO: advanced user interface via serial link and multiple shutdown management for several operating systems.• HID: UPS management based on Windows® embedded service - USB interface (1100-3000 VA).• MODBUS/JBUS RTU.• RT-VISION: professional WEB/SNMP interface for UPS monitoring and shutdown management of several operating systems (5000-11000 VA). Communication options • RT-VISION: professional WEB/SNMP interface for UPS monitoring and shutdown management of several operating systems (1100-3000 VA).• Dry-contact interface. CONNECTIONS   1. Mains input socket (IEC 320)2. Fan3. Output socket (full power)4. Telephone / modem line protection5. EPO (Emergency Power Off) input6. RS232 interface (JBUS protocol)7. USB port8. Input protection9. Output sockets (IEC 320 - 10 A)10. Battery extension connector11. Slot for optional communication boards12. Battery extension connector13. Output terminals14. Input terminals15. Input switch16. RJ45 LAN ethernet connector17. Parallel port connector Battery extension Netys RT 1100-3000 VA - Battery extension    Netys RT 5000-11000 VA - Battery extension   Control panel  

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